Europe-wide campaign: Johnson Controls unveils new VARTA brand identity

Hanover ? 17th January 2013. New brand identity to be unveiled on 17 January: battery specialist Johnson Controls will revitalise the VARTA brand with a new logo, a new slogan, new product design and a completely revised online presence. The new look will be unveiled as part of the Europe-wide campaign, ?It all starts with VARTA?.
With this campaign, Johnson Controls is investing in the future: in a market that has undergone constant change over the years, the VARTA brand comes across as contemporary and innovative. The guiding principle, ?It all starts with VARTA?, reveals its leading market position in the field of starter batteries ? and refers back to the trust placed in it by customers and business partners alike.
Wholesalers and workshops benefit from the campaign
With this revamped identity, VARTA is supporting wholesalers and partner workshops, with the Europe-wide media campaign bringing the brand closer to customers. ?We want the VARTA brand to enjoy an even better position and demonstrate that our technologies truly pave the way for the sector,? says Mike Hall, Country Manager. ?The campaign is designed to encourage our wholesalers and workshops to offer high-quality VARTA products ? and services to match.?
The brand?s evolution is reflected in its new look, from the logo and product design through to the online presence. ?In this way, we?re sending a clear signal ? that VARTA offers batteries and the services to match,? says Mike Hall. The brand therefore offers support, for example with the VARTA Start-Stop Service Programme (VSSP), to independent workshops in particular when it comes to Start-Stop battery replacements. In actual fact, the installation and replacement of these rechargeable batteries is taking on ever-greater significance. With the Start-Stop AGM technology and the PowerFrame? grid integrated into the batteries, VARTA offers innovative solutions in this area.

Europe-wide campaign
With more than 125 years of experience and victories in tests such as the recently published ADAC/Stiftung Warentest battery test, VARTA enjoys a high level of trust ? both from original equipment suppliers and in the replacement parts business. ?The name VARTA stands for leading technologies and a high level of reliability. This is what we also want to demonstrate with the new logo and slogan, ?It all starts with VARTA,? explains Mike Hall.
This media campaign is the broadest to date throughout the company?s history: on 17 January, it will be unveiled in 20 countries across Europe and will reach over five million people. The new product design represents the brand?s top quality. ?Furthermore, it is now easier to distinguish our batteries from each other, and even simpler to recognise them. The PowerFrame logo that the batteries feature gives customers the confidence that they are purchasing top quality,? says Mike Hall.
New online presence
In future, the completely revamped VARTA website will be a reflection of the brand?s global alignment. The new online presence has been optimised for higher search engine visibility, with navigation fast and straightforward and information on all products and services comprehensive. With the new product and retailer search function, customers will quickly find just what they?re looking for.
Johnson Controls Power Solutions, the global leader in lead-acid automotive batteries and advanced batteries for Start-Stop, hybrid and electric vehicles. In fact, our 50 manufacturing, recycling and distribution centers supply more than one third of the world?s lead-acid batteries to major automakers and aftermarket retailers. And through our innovations, we are building the advanced battery industry for hybrid and electric vehicles too: we were the first company in the world to produce lithium-ion batteries for mass-production hybrid vehicles. Our commitment to sustainability is also evidenced by our world-class technology, manufacturing and recycling capabilities.

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